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Are there any plans to implement an MFA Token facility or/and SSO to Zyxel security devices. We are finding more and more clients need MFA for VPN access, also becoming a requirement of Cyber security insurance, so we really need a reliable service. We find the current SMS, Google authenticator system clunky and a bit confusing for some users.

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    I tend to agree with your assessment, but to be fair to the producer, it is difficult to deliver a simple product which is also simple in use, almost cost free. and also secure. It is also known as "The Art of the Impossible", meaning that you will always end up wanting improvements.

    Unless you find a way to solve the issue locally, it will cost more to have an integrated solution that makes it easy enough for all users while also handling the security perspective in a good manner. I am not trying to say that ZyXEL is not likely to make an attempt to solve that type of issue, but it could result in a new solution in form of a new product to be sold to the customers.

  • jsnsm14

    Clients who require the additional security are not adverse to subscribing/paying for an additional service. You already have to do that for the MFA part that uses SMS. The SMS part is probably the easiest, but if they want to use the google autheticator which does work, getting users to connect the VPN, go to a website, grab a code and pop it in and then authorise the VPN before they can login, for normal users is a tiresom process especially if there connection is not the most stable.

    If it is not possble to use tokens or SSO or not something zyxel are looking into as a possible feature in the future, then it would be good to know so we can look at other providers that do have this even if they are more expensive. Security is extremely important today and will be even more important in the future, so we need to make sure we can meet our clients security requirements. We like and trust zyxel products, have used them for many years and will continue to, but only for the clients that it meets there requiremens for.

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    Hi jsnsm14

    Back in the old days, Zyxel had MFA Token (Zyxel Zywall OTP 5)..
    We use Watchguard Authpoint to protect SSL VPN with MFA and use the Push function.

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