routing does not work on zyxel xs3800-28 switches :(

PC(..1.2) cant ping
PC(..3.2) cant ping
static routes
zyxel (..2.1) dest via
zyxel (..2.2) dest via
zyxel (..2.1) and zyxel (..2.2) can ping all PC's

zyxel 2.1

zyxel 2.2

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    Routing table? Was compiled?

    Take a read from page 37 of the Handbook

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    Hi @Marharyta,

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    This might be due to the misconfigured VLAN setting.

    VLAN 2 should be tagged on the switch connecting port.

    PC connecting port should change the PVID from 1 to 3 in Menu > Switching > VLAN >
    VLAN Setup > VLAN Port Setup