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I noticed a lot of odd English within the GUI of my FLEX200.

Stuff like this:

Try new feature for free! With the new Device Insight, IT could gain enhanced visibility and control of the networks.

Talking about "mixed signals"… Can I try this for free? For how long? Oh it's free anyway and what are the odds Zyxel will remove it in the future?

And I am pretty sure that "visibility" should be "oversight" in this context.

Many texts are lacking possessive pronouns – just as the "IT" in the above sentence.

Is there a system in place where one can bug-report those kinds of things? After all it should be easy to fix as long as your firmware is somehow based on i18 or a similar localisation mechanism.

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    1. Be concise: Use short, clear and concise text for buttons, labels, and menus in the GUI. Avoid long sentences and technical jargon.
    2. Use simple language: Use language that is easy to understand for the target audience. Avoid using complex vocabulary and technical terms that may confuse the user.
    3. Be consistent: Use consistent language and terminology throughout the GUI. This helps users to understand the interface better and navigate it easily. Yacine tv live
    4. Use visual cues: Use visual cues such as icons, symbols, and images to help users understand the functionality of different buttons and menus.