VMG8924-B10A - Can't connect to WLAN / Happens Occasionally

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Our router doesn't accept wlan connections time to time, even i turn wlan off/on again from panel it's still same.
If i power off and on it starts working again, but after a couple of days it's doing same thing. 

Installed firmware:  1.00(AAKL.21)C0 

I have also called Zyxell Turkey and they have connected to my pc, turned on logging and changed ip pool something, still having this error.

Hope we have a fix for it :anguished:

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    Hello there,
    Actually, it is very hard to say, since we don't know how you installed the router, how many wifi clients and what kinds of services your are running?
    If your usage were normal, just several smart phones and PCs are using wifi via the router, I would suggest to reset factory default first.
    If the usage was normal, but the wifi still fail with factory default setting, you might need to find the local support to check if any hardware issue or not.
  • Empyrium
    I hadn't reset it for a long time, now trying that option. Let's check if it pass 3 days without problem :)
  • Empyrium
    Now i can't access modem panel, having some problems disconnecting from net 2 times+ in a day too.