IP conflict with GS1100-16

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I am struggling with the set-up of a small office network. I have no technical background, which is why I chose the GS1100 to begin with 😅

The network looks like this
ISP modem > Patch panel > GS1100 > mesh wifi > device

My ISP tells me everything is fine with their connection and the modem. But the GS1100 is causing an IP conflict. I have tried to find a way to solve this but it's an unmanaged switch. I've read all the manuals and documentation but either I don't recognise the answers (absolute not technical profile) or it's not mentioned.

Anyone has an idea how to proceed? I've also created a ticket with Zyxel 3 weeks ago but haven't received an answer yet.

many thanks for your help!

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    Hi @StevenVG,

    Welcome to the Zyxel Community!

    Since GS1100 is an unmanaged switch, it will not cause an IP conflict. The IP conflict needs the device to support the DHCP client function which GS1100 does not support.

    You could you some IP scan tools to check if there has an IP conflict or not. Such as Advanced IP Scanner.

    In addition, could you share the ticket number you created 3 weeks ago with me via PM? Many thanks.