USG 200 LAN <> LAN speed slow

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Firmware Version

V5.35(ABUJ.0) / 2022-12-23 01:44:09


Ive got port 5 in LAN1

Port 6 in LAN1

Ports are detected 1000/FULL

Both in same zone so no firewall / security in between.

Happy with all networking devices / hosts.

Performance ok with no zywall in between.

File copy between ports (say to is only 22 meg, really slow.

Any pointers what i can do to speed up please?

Thaks in advance

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    Oh. Well now. You say that you are only copying a file between ports, but that is only what you see visually. Electronically and digitally, you are using separate subnets, so the traffic has to go via the router no matter what you try to do.

    The only way you can get traffic between the 2 computers without involving a router and firewall, you need the computers to be on the same subnet (

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    good answer and thanks.,

    Maybe i should have re-worded the question

    is 22meg expected between 2 x 1 gig ports / Is there anyhtign i can do it improve this ?

    Put another way - if I had a "text book LAN" with pc's on and a DMZ with my servers on, this performance would not be acceptable for file browsing on servers

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    Your could get two L2+ switches for each subnet link them together have PC gateway to them and add some routing rules then it be port speed fast or get a faster USG.

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    Or get a Layer-3 Switch and configure it to route between the subnets.

  • WJS
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    If set both host subnet mask as /16 and connected only Layer2 switch.

    How about the speed?

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    Thanks fo rresponses

    The situation im in means i cant change hardware or setup.

    The router is live 24x7 with a application behined it. the database needs a repair doing on it.

    Customer has build a server with GPUs running task specific code they wrote to do this job in under 1 hour and works fine in their test environment.

    So they have arrangged a 3 hour window for this works on sunday morning.

    We need to copy this 280gig .mdf of a SQL server across a LAN process it and put back. this slow speed through the USG 200 means the copy of mdf alone is nearly 3 hours…

    Not wanting to get into the bigger issue etc etc im to answer the question why are we getting 24meg speeds on a router with 2 1 gig LAN <> LAN network ports where jimmy down the road on BT home broadband can download a movie at 70 meg ?

    What can we do to improve? - tonight were trying FTP….

    nb - runing a speed test from inside this router gives 500meg…

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    USG Flex 200 CPU usage during copy is high?
    Is there configured IDS or some specific application patrol policy?
    Is configured session limit?

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    Ive tried turning off CDR, IPS, Malware, ADP

    Is no secrity policy on the LAN rule. Then router wise

    CPU Status
    CPU0 Usage: 18 %
    CPU1 Usage: 96 %
    CPU2 Usage: 7 %
    CPU3 Usage: 13 %

    netework traffic 25%

    Memory Status 34%

    Active sesions = 984/1000000

    Test Copy a 224 GB file
    FTP = 6Hrs 30
    SMB = 2Hrs 40

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    Hi @Emerald ,

    Greeting Forum. We're investigating the issue.

    Thank you

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