Packet latency on GS1900-8

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Where can I find information about packet latency in GS1900-8 switch? I want to use it to control and get data from IoT devices and it's important parameter for me.

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    Hi @ArtemP,

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    I will provide you with the internal test result via private message, please check your message box.

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    Hi @ArtemP,

    Does the IoT devices request how milliesecond should the latency be lower than?

    I haven't ever heard about IoT devices requesting this.

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    HPE switches has packet latency less than 3-5 us for 64 bytes packet. Some DLink switches have much more, up to 150 us. I need to get data from and send commands to multiple devices as fast as I can. And difference between 5 and 150us is important. I called these devices "IoT" to make clear what kind of devices I mean. It's some control and IO devices manufactured by our company.