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Hi friends !
First of all, I'm sorry for the quality of my english... (I'm French!)

I recently bought a USG210 + two WAC6103D-I

I would like to set up this configuration:

LAN1: (private network or are connected pc, servers, printers):
DHCP enabled

LAN2: (network where access points are connected)
DHCP enabled

I would like :

SSID1: Privatewifi (distributing the IP range

SSID2: Hotspot_Clients (distributing the IP range

SSID2 should not access SSID1. The SSID2 will only have access to the Internet thanks to a captive portal.

My question: do you have to create one or two VLANs?

How should I configure my USG?

Thank you in advance for your invaluable help.

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    Hi @DamienSIMON

    You can setup configuration by these steps:

    (1) Create a VLAN for SSID2. Configuration > Network > Interface > VLAN > Click Add button.

    (2) Create a Zone for VLAN10. Configuration > Object > Zone > Click Add.

    (3) Create SSID1. Configuration > Object > AP Profile > SSID > Click Add button.

    (4) Create SSID2. Configuration > Object > AP Profile > SSID > Click Add button.

    (5)   Add SSID into AP Group. Configuration > Wireless > AP Management > AP Group > Click Add Button.

    (6) Apply AP group object to your AP. Configuration > Wireless > AP Management > Mngt. AP List > Edit “YourAP”

    (7) Drop traffic from SSID2(VLAN10) to SSID1(LAN1) and allow traffic to internet. Configuration  > Security Policy > Policy control > click Add rule.

    Share yours now!


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