GS1920-24: VLAN access to internet gateway?

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I have a GS1920-24 Switch with Firmware V4.70(ABMH.6).

My plans are to setup a separate Guest-Wifi that is located on a VLAN that can only access the internet and nothing more. Until now several problems occured but I want to start with the very first.

How do I setup a default gateway (the ISP's modem/router) that is accessible for all VLANs?

My setup looks the following:
All clients are in the subnet, which is the default/Mgmnt VLAN 1
This includes the modem, two Unify AP AC lite and the Unify controller running on a RaspberryPI (

The GS1920 has the IP

I added a new VLAN with the ID 19 with the tagged ports 21 and 23 (those are the ports the APs are connected to). The switch has the interface in VLAN 19.

The new guest wifi itself works fine. I still have problems with the DHCP server, but that is another kind of problem. When I add a client with a static IP like, the wifi works fine and I can ping

But how can I make the modem accessible for VLAN 19 (

I tried to add a static route for the IP, Subnet and target IP which results in an error: Invalid IP address.

Do I need a separate router for my case? Or what is wrong with my plan?

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    The router would be needed with the VLAN for that subnet