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I upgraded from a Zywall 110 to a USG Flex 500 in NCC mode. I'm trying to recreate all of my policies and routing that I had in the 110. Obviously, the interface between local and NCC is completely different. I had internal groups of devices to which I applied special routing though multiple Internet connectioons. I also had geo-blocks set up to continents to which I did not need traffic. I have not found anyhing like that in NCC. I've found no way to creat a group object containing multiple devices. The continents are also not listed in the geo section. I do not want to individually list countries, and that is limited to 10 at a time in rules. I really would not consider it an upgrade if the newer device does not support things the old one did. Am I missing some advanced configuration section in NCC?

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    Just use Flex 500 in standalone mode

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    Following. Really interested in the evolution of your case.

  • I was afraid you were going to say that. Really reduces the allure of buying into the Nebula ecosystem. The whole idea was to be able to manage all of my Zyxel equipment from one portal similar to the way I do with my Cisco/Meraki equipment at work.

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    Well maybe Zyxel can come up with another a device that connects to your network that links up to the Nebula without port forwarding but has all the settings like standalone...

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    Hi @MikeInCincy ,

    Greeting Forum, Thanks your advice.

    We've put these requirements into queue and evaluated.

    Thank you

  • Thank you. I would think the goal would be to have all functions available in Nebula. Only in the rare case that something could not be made to work should it be omitted. Why penalize people who pay for the Nebula service? I do not need to pay for the native mode.

    Maybe you could keep the default Nebula clean for users who need only basic functions, and offer an advanced mode for people who need more functionality.

    Thanks again!

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