[2023 Mar. Tips & Tricks] SecuReporter Customized Report 2.0 Releases - I see. I analyze. I report.

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At the end of 2022, Zyxel SecuReporter helped over 30,000 companies to monitor business networks worldwide. The SecuReporter team is committed to updating your report with the most advanced features so that you and your business can enjoy it! This latest release further enhances SecuReporter's report including:

New cover design - You can now select one cover from multiple designs along with customized logos.

Preview feature – SecuReporter is available on a "preview" basis so that you can get a preview format after you set settings.

There are several customizable styles.

Preview feature – Preview a format after selections.

-The format preview can show any security service in SecuReporter.

-Logo style preview after uploading.

Highlight feature - The redesigned report layout allows you to check the most important analytics at a glance including:

  • Basic device status
  1. CPU / Memory Usage Trend
  2. Traffic Usage – Upload/Download
  • Security Activity
  1. Security activity detected hit number.
  2. Security activity by time of day.
  3. Different types of security ranking.
  4. Different types of client ranking.
  5. The client user who are most at risk from security threat.
  • Network Activity
  1. Allowed and Blocked Activity
  2. Blocked Activity by time