Impeccable Hotel WiFi: The Key to Better Guest Satisfaction

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Xinshe Hotel



Whether for a tourist making an itinerary or a businessperson scheduling a meeting, internet access tops travelers’ must-have lists. That’s why, upon purchasing the Taipei location of Xinshe Hotel, Discovery Group had a network rework atop its to-do list. The existing infrastructure was a hodgepodge from various brands, making centralized management impossible and causing weak, unstable connectivity. Having enjoyed success using Zyxel products in other ventures, the group turned to it again, seeking a cloud-based network capable of delivering sufficient bandwidth for a full house of guests to surf and stream. First, GS1900-24 switches were deployed to support the network’s wired and wireless backbone. Next, NWA90AX WiFi 6 APs were installed in corridors, the lobby, and other public areas to provide strong signals hotel-wide. Finally came the firewalls. The USG FLEX 200 firewall was used to protect the guest network. The USG FLEX 100 firewall features zero-trust security with robust security policies and connection authentication mechanisms, enabling the IT administrator to ensure remote security through a highly secure VPN. Walk through the hotel now and you’ll see why the Discovery Group considers Zyxel a trusted partner: rather than fueling complaints, internet access is enhancing the guest experience. Stable and seamless connectivity provides guests with fast internet and flawless coverage throughout the hotel – in its rooms and public areas alike. Meanwhile, as the APs are managed via the cloud, staff stay in the know in real time regarding connection statuses and can resolve failures immediately.


  • Meet the intense internet needs of modern travelers
  • Unify the legacy system, which comprised equipment from different brands and made the network difficult to manage


  • High-quality WiFi throughout the hotel, delivering higher customer satisfaction
  • Secure and safe connections safeguarded by next-generation firewalls
  • Easier and more efficient network management enables IT staff to monitor connections and troubleshoot issues in real time

Products used

USG FLEX 100 UTM Firewall

USG FLEX 200 UTM Firewall

NWA90AX WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1900-24 Smart Managed Switch

More details

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