Re Configuration of NWA5123-AC


I got a issue with re configuration of NWA5123-AC. I cannot access Web configurator. I'll put on url, but it won't let me through.
I reseted NWA5123-AC by pressing "Reset" button, but still it won't let me get to Web configurator.

Can you help me?
We are doing some changes to our companys LAN, so we needed to change net provider to other. NWA5123-AC did not connect automaticly to new network, so I need to configurate it again, but I cannot get acceess to it.

Thank you!

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    Hi @Website_Guest123 ,

    To access to NWA5123-AC HD WEB GUI:

    In case connect UPLINK to PC, please use the static UP address as

    In case connect UPLINK to Router, please use the DHCP-assigned IP. You can use ZON to know the AP's IP.

    The detailed information, please refer to this Quick Start Guide