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Hello Community

I'm a Zyxel reseller and also use an ATP100 at home. At my customers I only use ATP500s.

But now I have the possiblity at Home to change from 1Gb/s (P2PFiber) to 10 or 25 Gb/s (P2P Fiber).
Because I already have a lot of Zyxel XGS1930 at home, I'm going to switch to the more realistic 10Gb/s possibility.

Now I have the problem, that there is not any Zyxel USG/ATP/VPN Firewall that can handle a SFP+ or 10Gb/s access.

It's a damn shame in my opinion :( I don't want to switch to pfsence/ipFire/SophosXGShome

Has anybody some news about a ZyXEL 10GB/s Firewall or did I overlooked any firewall? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @Fred_77

    Yes, we will release new products this year, and the large model will support the 10-Gigabit SFP+ interface.

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    Hey Jeff

    Thanks for your reply. Nope… 1Gb/s SFP is already in use with the Zyxel ATP100 for some years, but the change to a 10Gb/s (home) network isn't that special in 2023.

    So to summarize it all: The only Zyxel Firewall with a SFP+ interface is the USG2200 for around 10'000$.
    EDIT: And with the upcoming devices, only the largest (again) will support SFP+?? That is very unfortunate.

    I bought an Intel X520 Dual SFP+ PCI-E card now and put it in a dusty PC with i7 6700 and 8 DDR4 ram. The Ubiquiti 10Gb Twinax DAC is working fine with the Zyxel XGS1930 switch. The other SFP+ slot is for the WAN, as soon as the SFP+ modul from the ISP arrives in 1-2weeks. So this ITX-PC is becoming the new 10Gb/s Firewall. Price: probably 500$

    I just have to learn the Sophos XGS platform now 😖


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