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I addmit that I didn't digg too much…it is easier to ask here questions :)

What I would like to do: I want to restric internal trafic to a server for only a specific MAC address(Ip address) and any other MAC(IP address) that tries to comunicate with the server to be rejected, therefore if I have, 3,4,5 as IP clients and server IP, I want only the to have access to the server IP.

Is there any possibility to do it in the router? I use Zyxel ATP200 firewall.

Many thanks!

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    Not really in the same subnet because a switch and devices ARP to the given device in the same subnet so Zyxel never sees the traffic even if you port role.

    A way I have done is to use proxy arp but on the ATP you need to setup a VLAN with general and a VLAN switch messing with ARP to route traffic through ATP from LAN to LAN rule. Shown here.

    Or you can put server on its own subnet LAN which the ATP can firewall but not by MAC so if you want to only have access you can do IP/MAC binding

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