Need help for proper IGMP Setup with XGS2210-52 and GS1900-24

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Dear All,

we have some kind of problem to get IGMP working properly in our network.
Some notes about the network hiearachy and application:
⦁ The "root" switch is a XGS2210-52
⦁ Some, but not all, of the ports of the root switch are connected to GS1900 switches.
⦁ Mutlicast senders and receivers are connected to GS2210-52 ports and GS1900 ports.
We want to have multicast to be working between arbitrary senders and arbitrary receivers.
⦁ Application/Protocols we are using with multiast are
⦁ AES67 together with PTPv2
⦁ Ravenna (AoIP)
⦁ Dante (AoIP)
⦁ Other Multiast with user defined group addresses and ports

Next i will describe the switch configuration and the idea behind.
Here are configuration screenshots of the XGS2210-52:

Here screenshots of the GS1900 acting as IGMP querier:

Here the screenshots of a "normal" GS1900

So what we observed:
⦁ On the XGS2210-52, if we do --not-- set the IGMP QUERIER MODE to FIXED for the ports, then we have multicast receivers that do not see some multicast streams.
Affected are some AoIP stream announcements using mDNS (
⦁ The problem: If we set FIXED for ports connected to GS1900 this is not a problem, since the GS1900 have IGMP snooping.
But there is not a GS1900 connected but an endpoint-device like a PC or other it gets flooded with multicast traffic it is not interested in.
⦁ We assume that the the static multicast routing of XGS2210-52 ( to is not forwarding reports in that range. Like mDNS.
⦁ We thought tha the setting REPORT PROXY can be used. But it will forward only to "Router" ports if activated. But we only have 1 querier
Is there someone out there that can give us a hint?
Is there a configuration problem? For now, we do not see it.

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @bseiz,

    DANTE device and DANTE software should be put in the same VLAN since mDNS could not be forwarded to other VLAN.

    I will send the suggest configuration for DANTE network to you, please check the private message box and follow it.

    In addition, although GS1900 provides IGMP snooping function, it could not fully support Networked AV scenario. For Networked AV application, we recommend the switch model for Networked AV solutions like GS2220, XGS2220, etc…. These switches provide Networked AV mode which provides a full support function on Networked AV applications, an instant view of the network status, and set up the AVoIP system with ease. You could also refer to our official website for Networked AV solution.

    Zyxel Melen

  • bseiz
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    Dear Melen,

    really thank you for your message! I will have a look at the document you sent me.

    On all GS1900 we have IGMP Snooping enabled (see the screenshots).

    The problem is not that DANTE streams are not working. With our setup DANTE is working.

    The only thing is that if we set the IGMP QUERIER MODE to AUTO for ports connected to GS1900, then DANTE especially mDNS is not working.

    With IGMP QUERIER MODE set to FIXED there is a multicast flooding. If a GS1900 is connected to this port, this is not a problem because if the IGMP snooping. It is a problem if a end-point device is connected to this port.

    For us the question is, how to avoid the IGMP flooding?

  • bseiz
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    I forgot to tell that VLAN is not a proble. All devices are in the same VLAN.

    Also other streams not in the range of the reserved multicast range are working as expected. Only mDNS which is within that range is not.

  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @bseiz,

    I apologize for the slow response.

    In general, unknown multicast action should be set as "Drop" to avoid unknown multicast flooding in your network. Additionally, I recommend you could check this FAQ first before you configure the IGMP QUERIER MODE.

    However, I cannot guarantee that the GS1900 will work within your network. Just like I mentioned above, it could not fully support the Networked AV scenario and it is not our Networked AV Solutions switch model. To have a better Networked AV experience, we recommend using our Networked AV Solutions switch model.

    Zyxel Melen