Zyxel Helps Indian School to Brighten the Future of the Kids

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Tula’s International School


“We are really impressed with Zyxel who helps us reach a new level of education with their high-performance equipment. Completing installation within the promised time frame, we have achieved our budge and price-to-performance ratio goals, and all of our systems have been working efficiently.”

Mrigank Pandey


Tula’s International School


As a top boarding school in Dehradun, Tula’s International School aims to provide the best learning experience to its students. With everything moving toward the digital era, the school management needed to fix network issues like latency and lack of central management to improve its wireless network environment. The school turned to SI partner CyberSec Techno Solutions for a reliable network solution. In this case, a cloud networking solution like Nebula was the obvious choice, ensuring high performance and remote troubleshooting through a smartphone. Zyxel's NWA110AX WiFi 6 APs were installed in corridors and classrooms, delivering maximum coverage via second-generation transmit beamforming technology. Also, the AP comes with OFDMA technology which helps deliver high performance and low latency for all scenarios. Seeking a network switch capable of delivering sufficient bandwidth, GS1900-24HP Smart Managed Switches were deployed as they could support the network’s wired and wireless backbone. With up to 170W of capacity, GS1900-24HP ensures stable power supply and connectivity to the access points. After the deployment, the management sees a satisfactory result in the wireless infrastructure as Zyxel's solution has enhanced the digital learning experience for students. The new infrastructure makes life easier for staff since network devices can be controlled remotely, and network problems can be resolved immediately. The school management is pleased with Zyxel and plans to work together in the future.


  • Reduce latency of existing wireless infrastructure and centralize network management
  • Ensure that the upgraded infrastructure can be configured and managed easily
  • Integrate new equipment with the existing system without the hassle


  • Enhanced learning experiences with low-latency network infrastructure
  • Simple and easy network management over the cloud with Nebula
  • Smooth transition to the new network without removing the existing devices

Products used

NWA110AX WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1900-24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch

More details

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