NWA210AX: current firmware fails after 49 days 17 hours uptime

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Okay, this is pretty out of left field, but can anyone else confirm it? I have two of these units, both running V6.50(2) firmware. Several weeks ago one of them suddenly went nuts, dropping lots of packets and failing to respond to most pings. I tried to log into its web GUI and it was unbelievably slow to respond. Eventually it did let me in, and I selected the "reboot" option from the menus, and it seemed fine after rebooting. Today my other unit did the same thing. I looked at my logs, and was struck by the fact that both of them failed at pretty close to 49 days 17 hours since last reboot. I have no idea what that time duration could correlate to, but apparently it's significant.

For one reason or another (power outages, firmware updates, general messing around) these units have seldom accumulated that much consecutive uptime since I got them a year ago. So I can't say much about whether this is fully repeatable. I do note that I think I had more uptime than that from August to November 2022, when they were on V6.40(6), suggesting that this is a pretty new bug.

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    Hi @tgl ,

    We have not received similar feedback from other users yet, so we would like to gather more information to assist you in resolving the issue.

    Could you please share your network topology with us? Also, please assist us in collecting the diagnostic files for the two NWA210AX access points, as this information may help us to analyze potential problems with the APs.

    In the event that the issue reoccurs after 49 days and 17 hours you mentioned, kindly collect the diagnostic files before rebooting the APs. It may be difficult to verify the problem after a reboot, so it is important to collect the diagnostic files while the issue is occurring. We can also compare the diagnostic files between two time periods to see if there are any differences.

    Additionally, please check whether the LED of the uplink device connected to the AP is rapidly blinking when the problem reoccurs, as this could indicate the presence of a network loop in your network environment and cause the symptom you described.

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