Random logouts/disconnections on a self-signed certificate connection

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I'm having a strange problem with my connection to my USG60W from both WAN- and LAN-side logins to the Web interface. When working, suddenly after all between 2 to multiple minutes the connections resets and the browser is redirected to the Login-screen.

I only have one user on the USG60W, the admin-user and am the sole owner of the device-password. 
The configuration has survived the last two firmware upgrades with no apparent problems at all and I am running the latest firmware version as of today.

But what is baffling me is the browser isn't just logged out of the login-session and sent to the login-screen, but I have to re-accept the certificate warning from Google Chrome and all other browsers, including mobile phones to which I draw the conclusion the connection has been reset and not only the login-session.

What can I do to fix this very annoying problem?

Sincerely, Ole

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    Hi @olenoerby

    According this symptom, you can check your configuration by: Configuration > Object > User/Group > Edit “user”.

    You can extend the setting as higher or 0 avoids session timeout.

    If the symptom not improved, Could you provide the screenshot of certificate error that you mentioned.(The certificate information is required)

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