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Hello all, need some help from some experienced Zyxel users. I've used a couple of the smaller Zyxel VPN firewalls, a decade ago, and really liked them. Need something for my "house," but I don't need anything residential, because I do a lot of experimenting for work, and a serious crap-ton of both OS image and video downloading (and uploading). Under normal circumstances, I'd use a plain router, but I have 2 boys getting to the age where they could quite possibly run across something that permanently warped their brain (nevermind malware, viruses, trojans, etc). Plus, I have gigabit broadband, that's *actually* gigabit, AND a backup satellite connection, so dual-WAN is a must. PLUS, if it's at all optional, I'd like a 10GbE connection, copper or via SFP, to my home studio (although I suspect any 10G connections are on the WAN side?) 

So, based on that, what would you suggest...for dual-wan, gigabit throughput, intrusion protection, DPI, application/web filtering, virus protection...and possibly a 10G LAN connection? Just to get it out there, I fully realize this is overkill. I get it, but I am, if nothing else, a geek/nerd/tech-whore/etc, so there's no such thing as too much. My biggest thing is that I don't want to learn yet another CLI language, and I remember liking the Zyxel GUI, so there we are. Any thoughts or suggestions will be very appreciated.


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