NWA50AX drops IOT devices and changes non DFS channel

NWA50AX / V6.29(ABYW.1) / Stand alone (non nebula)

My NWA50AX seems to drop my devices on my IOT SSID on Radio 1 2.4G after a random number of hours/days and starts broadcasting on a different channel.

Radio 1 is defined as being fixed on channel 1 (no DFS) with two SSID's.

The first SSID is for trusted users.

The second SSID is for IOT devices.

Using Acrylic WiFI Analyzer my XXX_IOT SSID seems to be on channel 2

I've tried a hardware reset and manual reconfiguration but it still occurs.

I have created a Diagnostics file after it happened.

Any thoughts how to resolve this issue?

Accepted Solution

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    Hi @Ozymandias


    In order to better understand the issue you are facing, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with some additional information. 

    1. Could you please let us know how many clients are currently connected to your AP? For a more stable and efficient WiFi connection, we recommend limiting the number of connected wireless clients to 15-20 per AP at the same time.   
    2. How is the signal strength between your AP and your IoT devices. To optimize a stable connection, it is recommend maintaining the signal level within -65dBm. 
    3. Please zip and send the diagnostic file that you have created to us via private message, so that we can further investigate the issue. 


    In the meantime, we recommend trying the following settings adjustments to improve the connection stability of your IoT devices: 

    1. Set the security option for the SSID that your IoT devices are connected to as "WPA2". 
    2. Configure your SSID_for_IoT to 2.4GHz band only. 
    3. Disable the 802.11k/v/r function.  



    Click this link to start: https://bit.ly/3R2Wx52