Zyxel’s Wireless Solution Beefs up Food Factory’s Traceability System

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Tsan-Ho Food Industrial Co., Ltd



With increasing consumer awareness of food safety, Tsan-Ho needed its traceability system to track production data in real time. This required a new wireless network equipped with stable, high-performance devices tough enough to withstand environmental factors like vibration, noise, and dust. Moreover, given the small IT team, user-friendly management and timely support were crucial. Zyxel's WAC6502D-S APs were deployed across all three floors of the factory and in the office. The APs feature smart antennas that adjust their wireless patterns to increase sensitivity and interference resistance. Their good signal coverage and low fault rate meant only two were needed per floor. More recently, WAX610D WiFi 6 APs, with dual-optimized antenna, were added in the office, increasing transmission speeds by 25% and greatly improving employees’ efficiency. Now in place for five years, the network has been a roaring success. Its speed and stability allow production to be monitored and managed in real time and make annual audits a breeze, delivering significant savings in human resources and time. Tsan-Ho also notes that network issues can be resolved quickly through the controller and says it has been impressed by the responsiveness of Zyxel’s tech support.


  • Build a wireless network capable of meeting all the needs of the factory
  • Ensure the network can maintain sufficient stability and performance to transmit production-related data in real time – regardless of vibrations, noise, and dust
  • Provide straightforward network management that eases the pain points of the limited number of IT staff


  • Easy network segmentation, setup, and management of a large number of APs
  • Full visibility and management of the wireless network enable staff to identify and resolve problems in real time
  • The wireless transmission equipment is stable and suitable for the factory’s harsh production environment
  • Comprehensive product line and responsive technical support

Products used

WAX610D 802.11ax Access Point

WAC6502D-S 802.11ac Access Point

NXC2500 Wireless LAN Controller

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