SBG 3300-n PTR record definition

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Hoping someone has a workaround.
I can define a local DNS record via Network Settings > DNS > Add new DNS record.
But this only provides forward lookup name resolution eg. router.local to
But it does not provide name resolution for the IP address, eg. to router.local.
The SBG3300-n's cli doesn't seem to have anything to control the these records.

My guess is that the router is simply referencing a hosts file, rather than using a program which provides forward and reverse lookups, but I was hoping someone has a workaround or solution.
Perhaps its just time for me to buy a new router, I've had this one since it came out. Love Zyxel products though, so not sure what the next best model would be - I'm still stuck on ADSL.

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    Hi @sedstr

    The DNS resolution is not support on SBG3300.

    It was supported by SBG5500. You can consider it if you would like to replace the SBG3300 by SBG5500 in the future.

    Share yours now!


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