Work around for more than 10 DDNS entries on Zywall 110?

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It seems the Zywall 110 is restricted to 10 DDNS entries. Does anyone know how I can configure it for more to work with google domains?

Im trying to transition my domains away from no-ip to google domains as they come up for renewal but the Zywall110 only seems to allow 10 entries.

I've flagged it with Zyxel support as a feature request......but im not hopeful.

Any thoughts on how to get around this limitation?

As an interim im using an app called DynSite from »

I've been trialing it for a few days and looks like it is the solution to the problem I'm having with Zyxel only having a maximum of 10 DDNS entries.

Costs $19 ....but as its the only solution I've found looks like its worth it to solve my problem unless someone can tell me how to get around this artificial limitation on my Zywall 110.

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    Hi @DadB

    Currently the max. number of DDNS profile is 10.

    According DDNS setting of Google Domains, you can try to enter it in profile:

    DYNDNS Server:

    URL: /nic/update?hostname=www.domainame.tld

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