How to Configure Management VLAN on Nebula Switch via Nebula?

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A VLAN is a logical network that allows multiple networks to coexist on the same physical network. Configuring a management VLAN on a Nebula switch can provide additional security to the network by isolating management traffic from user traffic. In this post, we will guide you through the steps to configure a management VLAN on a Nebula switch using the Nebula control center.

Topology and Scenario: We will be configuring a management VLAN on a Nebula switch that is connected to a router and multiple access points. The management VLAN will be used to manage the switch and other network devices.


  1. Log in to the Nebula control center using your account credentials.
  2. Go to Configure > Switches > Switch settings.

3. Click on the Save button to save the VLAN configuration.

The scenario that you may not have the VLAN 1 setting on your network environment.


  1. VLAN> Static VLAN> Add, for instance, the mgmt (management) VLAN is VLAN10. (When its on-premise mode)

2. Also, set up the default gateway and DNS.

3. On Neubla, please setup the mgmt VLAN from 1 to 10.

4. After that registered this device on Nebula.

5. After the switch is getting on line then you can find the mgmt VLAN is 10 in device detail page.