Remote L2TP VPN to Access Google Cloud Server

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Good evening. The closest thing I saw on this forum was someone wanting to do something similar with Azure, but was on the Nebula.

Have a Zyxel USG40 connected to Google Cloud Services VPN (IPSEC Tunnel). Everything is working here and no issues

Google does not have a direct remote worker VPN setup to access their resources so i wanted to allow remote L2TP VPNs to somehow policy route to Google services

Local Zyxel network Google Cloud Services Network

Remote L2TP address pool is - 250

I set a policy route with Source Address of RemoteAccess_L2TP_Wiz_Client and Destination of GoogleCloudSubnet2 ( next Hop was the GoogleCloudVPN2 IPSec Tunnel.

I have tried that and other combinations and still cannot reach the Remote desktop server at

Does anyone have any recommendations?

thanks in advance!

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    Hi @gramfer ,

    Welcome to Zyxel community.😀

    Does the google cloud have static routing for l2tp subnet

    Google cloud need to know how to routing traffic back to VPN tunnel for l2tp subnet

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