Spanish Summer Festival Shines with Secure and Reliable Network

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White Summer


“Thanks to Zyxel’s solution, we were able to offer quality, stable WiFi service with good bandwidth. This allowed the use of POS terminals without problems via WiFi, as well as the proper functioning of QR code ticket validation during the festival.”

Ariadna Barthe
Director, White Summer


Organizers needed highly resistant network infrastructure that could provide secure connectivity for the festival’s multimedia and lighting equipment as well as the digital services and mobile point-of-sale terminals of stall and food truck owners. Complicating matters was that the devices being used came from various brands, which had caused significant compatibility issues in previous years.
NiNivaX Consulting recommended Zyxel's Nebula cloud networking solution and deployed USG FLEX 700 firewalls, NWA210AX WiFi 6 access points, and XGS1930-28 and GS1920-8HP smart managed switches. As well as high performance and smooth compatibility, Nebula provided an easy way to set up internet, wireless, and satellite backup connections to ensure no service interruptions – even during heavy rain. And, because the solution is cloud-based, NiNivaX can remotely manage it for 24/7/365 support. With the new infrastructure, organizers said adios to the interference to sound and light equipment caused by their previous, outdated WiFi solution. And just as importantly, the uninterrupted and highly secure connections gave peace of mind to the festival’s vendors. The success of the new network has even given organizers the confidence to offer their services and hold other events anywhere, anytime.


  • Provide infrastructure for smooth and secure connectivity of network applications and service at entrances, food trucks, and POS machines
  • Ensure network redundancy as well as smooth compatibility with existing equipment from various brands
  • Autonomous cloud management and control from the mobile phone


  • Full coverage of the venue and reliable network backup to guarantee 24/7 service
  • Smooth network integration of all multimedia devices and POS terminals
  • Easy-to-use remote cloud management platform accessible from any mobile device
  • Secure internet access and data protection

Products used

NWA210AX WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1920-8HP Smart Managed PoE Switch

XGS1930-28 Smart Managed Switch

USG FLEX 700 UTM Firewall

More details

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