USG210 no connection to Internet, fresh out of the box

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Hi to all
Yesterday my Cisco Firewall went dead so I ordered and received today a Zyxel USG210. Now I am trying to set it up and get a connection outside but it doesn't work and I don't know why.

My Settings:
On Wan1: Ethernet (no PPToE) fix IP Adress and Subnet, as in the previous Firewall
On Lan1, Port4: Fix IP Adress and Subnet, no DHCP active. I have a dhcp server and the fix IP address of the firewall is the gateway for the clients.

Is it possible with a fresh USG210, after the settings above, to connect to the Internet or do I have to make some new rules somewhere? I just need to get the connection to the Internet for my company at first, then I will look at vpn and port forwarding stuff.

Thanks from Switzerland


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    Hi Dejan. While I haven't worked with a 210 just yet, I've been using Zyxel security devices for years and - yes - they all worked a-ok out of the box for/when connecting to the Internet.
    Given the specifics of your setup, I wonder if this might be a DNS issue ?

    Also, perhaps power-cycle any switches that are in the path in case of a stale ARP cache.
    I'd also take the step of specifically clearing the ARP cache on a Windows workstation that's having a problem getting out to the Internet, ie: run command as an admin and invoke:
    netsh interface ip delete arpcache

    Hope that helps !

     -- David
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    Hi David
    Thanks for your fast answer.
    I also thought about DNS. My Server gives the DNS Servers to the clients. But anyway I put the DNS Servers from my provider in the /System/DNS/Domain Zone Forwarder.

    But this is not the main problem. I cannot even ping the google DNS,

    And I am trying with a Mac and a Windows Client.
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    Ok, but a switch that has a stale ARP cache will still need to be power-cycled, that's what this really sounds like.
    Can you ping the USG210 at it's LAN ip address ? You should be able to and if not, disable any firewall on the client machine, and clear the ARP cache.
    On a Mac this is done via (the Terminal with the command, invoked by pressing Enter):

    <span>sudo&nbsp;</span><b>arp</b><span>&nbsp;-a -d</span>

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    Hi @Deki,
    Here the steps that you can check the issue.
    1. On USG CLI, 
    (1) # ping <wan gateway ip address>
    (2) # show arp-table  ; to check if the gateway reply arp
    2. On client in lan side, ping
    (1) On USG CLI,
    # packet-trace interface lan1 ip-proto icmp  ; check if the ping is go into lan of USG or not 
    # packet-trace interface wan1 ip-proto icmp  ; check if the ping is go out from wan of USG or not

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