[2023 May Security Monthly Express] A simpler approach to security & WiFi 6E

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The ransomware attack is increasing

Small businesses and teleworkers are facing numerous challenges in securing their networks and data in the new normal. Cyber threats like ransomware and malware can cause significant damage to a company's reputation, finances, and operations. Small businesses often struggle with finding a simple and secure method to set up a secure router, allowing their teleworkers to access office data. However, finding the right security solution can be daunting, with lots of technical jargon and additional costs.

The solution to small business network security challenges

Our new product, the SCR 50AXE, is designed to solve all these problems. This secure cloud-managed router offers subscription-free security against ransomware and other cyber threats. The SCR 50AXE incorporates a business-class firewall, VPN gateway, and the latest WiFi 6E connectivity to deliver maximum speed and performance for wireless connections.

Subscription-free security as a standard

What sets the SCR 50AXE apart from other routers on the market is its built-in subscription-free security features. By leveraging the threat intelligence from Zyxel Security Cloud, the SCR series uses advanced threat management technology to detect and prevent malicious network activities. It stops drive-by downloads of wide-spreading ransomware/malware, blocks intrusion, exploit, dark web, ads, VPN proxy, and stops mail fraud and phishing.

Easy management and setup at your fingertips

The SCR 50AXE is a breeze to manage thanks to the Nebula cloud management platform. Its intuitive app lets you effortlessly configure and monitor network settings with just a few clicks, allowing you to set up security, wireless, and internet access in minutes. The platform also includes an informative security dashboard that provides quick access to your security status and threat analytics once configured. With Nebula Cloud, you can set a singular WiFi name to your entire network, including the SCR 50AXE and other Zyxel access points, providing a centralized dashboard for all your network management needs.

Nebula Mobile app: Security status at a glance

Maximizing connectivity with tri-band WiFi 6E

The SCR 50AXE is equipped with the latest tri-band AXE5400 WiFi 6E technology, offering businesses access to the newly opened 6GHz radio with super-wide channels. This enables businesses to take advantage of maximum speeds and low latency across multiple connections simultaneously. With the tri-band WiFi 6E technology, the SCR 50AXE delivers ultra-reliable and fast connectivity, supporting speeds up to 5.4 Gbps.

The SCR 50AXE is an affordable and easy-to-manage solution specifically designed for small businesses and teleworkers. It provides the network security they need to protect their valuable data and operations. Don't let the ransomware and other cyber threats undermine your business's success. Invest in the SCR 50AXE today and secure your network against these threats.


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    I was skeptical reading the marketing speak about this - but I'm honestly VERY excited about this product. We've deployed Zyxel USG (and now FLEX/ATP) gateways to business clients for years and they love them (as do we). We don't manage them via Nebula because it limits so much in terms of configurability of a USG/FLEX/ATP that we sometimes need for our business clients. But they're so stable - we've been fine with VPN management and Secureporter/Email data delivery.

    But as an MSP we've always wanted to be able to deploy a manageable gateway for residential/small business clients. This checks all the boxes. The KEY thing for us will be this. Can the gateway be individually managed by the user via the Nebula app on their own account, while it's tied into our MSP Nebula account for network monitoring and management (and residual monthly income). This would be the ultimate offering. We're going to order a couple regardless. But while we get you're marketing this directly to end users, don't lose sight that there is a significant market segment that many MSPs know is there, but is too much background effort to serve (we've tried all sorts of solutions. Ubiquiti AirCubes linked into UNMS and using DNSFilter for filtering? It sort of worked - for us. But customers got little visibility except the DNS filter reports, etc).

    So anyway - looking forward to playing with this. But if you haven't factored in how MSPs could leverage this platform for an underserved client base - I hope you do. This could be a heck of an offering!

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    What is the throughput this device can handle on the WAN interface? Since different models have different throughput.