ZyNOS support for DNS Views on Zywall USG routers

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DNS views provide the ability to serve one version of DNS data to one set of
clients and another version to another set of clients. With DNS views,
the NIOS appliance can provide a different answer to the same DNS query, depending on the source of the query.
It would be nice if we could provide different DNS records based on the VLAN making the request. Right now, the only work around is to use a different DNS Suffix on each VLAN and than add a separate DNS PTR record for each suffix such as: VLAN 1 = DNS Suffix "dc1.local" with PTR files.dc1.local =
VLAN 2 = DNS Suffix "dc2.local" with PTR files.dc2.local =

The problem with this work around is that the DNS name is not the same. I need a solution where the DNS record is the same.

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