Will these two products work together?


i have an EX3300 router and I want to buy a NWA55AXE access point. Will they work together using mesh, also with PoE work? I want to hard wire it and place it outside so I can boost the wireless signal in the back side of my house and cover an anex in the garden.


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    Hi @Rossidk ,

    You can set the NWA55AXE that works with PoE via ethernet cable to extend the wireless range from EX3300 router. The clients can roam between EX3300 and NWA55AXE in case:

    • The same SSID and security method
    • 15% to 20% overlapping coverage for 2 devices

    Will they work together using mesh

    If you mentioned about Mesh as the wireless connection mechanism to AP connects to router, it doesn’t work between NWA55AXE and EX3300 router. NWA55AXE uses the Mesh to connect to Zyxel access points only.