NWA50AX slow wifi max 30Mbits/s


Today I noticed that my download speed on my laptop connected to an wifi access point on 5 GHz. I only get 30Mbits/s max download speed. My network consist of a:



NWA50AX 3x

AP connected with POE on the switch and uplink of Uplink: 1000M/Full

Can someone help me with the correct ap configuration

All AP are updated till the last firmware

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    Hello @nldutchie

    As shown in your image, the connection type is 802.11a that utilizes radio frequencies in the 5 GHz range and has a maximum theoretical throughput of 54 Mbps, thus we suggest changing into 802.11ac/ax to optimize the wireless connection on your laptop.  

    Besides, the performance displayed in the Task Manager on your laptop is not an ideal tool to accurately measure internet speed. It only shows the current speed of data being uploaded and downloaded on your laptop, rather than the overall internet speed. Instead, we recommend using https://www.speedtest.net/ to determine the internet speed.

    It's important to note that the Wi-Fi speed can be impacted by the distance between the AP and your laptop. The closer the laptop is to the AP, and the fewer obstacles there are in the way, the stronger the signal strength will be. The recommended signal is at least -65 dBm.

    In case AP is managed by Nebula, please go to Site-wide > Clients > Client list tab and choose "Access points clients" on the drop-down list to check the Signal strength.

    In addition, please provide your Nebula Org/Site name and enable Zyxel Technical Support for us to investigate further in case there are any configurations that need to be edited by following the instructions on the screenshot below.

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