Zyxel Pro wifi multiple access points and positioning

I need multiple AP's in one storage room of 700sq Meter. I can remember from the past that AP's shouldn't be positioned in direct line of sight of each other Is that still the case or can I ignore that concern?

The height of the shelves in the room forces me for multiple AP's; but they will see each other directly.

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    Hi @stefansaeys ,

    I would recommend avoiding positioning Access Points (APs) in direct line of sight of each other, as this can cause interference and reduce the overall performance of your wireless network. You can refer this thread to know the ideal position of the Access point.

    In case, it may be necessary to position APs in direct line of sight of each other, we recommend:

    • Adjusting the transmit power of each AP so that they are not using too much power and overlapping too much with each other. This can help to reduce interference.
    • Configuring the APs to operate on non-overlapping channels, such as channels 1, 6, and 11 in the 2.4GHz band, and 5GHz band's channels or enabling DCS to let APs scan the best channel to use. This can help to minimize co-channel interference between the APs.
    • Placing the APs so that they are located in optimal positions to provide coverage to their designated areas while minimizing interference.

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    Hi Stephen,

    WAX630S and WAX650S with Smart antenna that can automatically optimize its radio pattern for each wireless client. With Zyxel AP, channel adjusting can be done by DCS, please refer to this FAQ. Related to the power configuration, this FAQ may be useful for you.

    To aid with handover (roam) successfully, please keep 15% to 20% overlapping coverage for APs.

    You can refer to Nebula or Zyxel hardware products (Next-Gen Firewall, VPN firewall) to manage Zyxel AP (the channel, power, etc.) as a central controller.

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    Hi @zyxel_judy - would the 610, 630 and 650 APs not auto adjust their radio pattern, channel and power so as not to interfere with each other? Obviously planning placement is good, but there does need to be a small amount of overlap to aid with handover etc surely?

    Doesn't Zyxel work like say Ruckus in terms of a central controller somewhere (local, cloud etc) managing the radio frequencies and power continually or several times to maximise coverage and prevent interference?



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    I have to say, we have many customers with 5-10 AP's set up(NWA210AX) and I never change channel(only DCS)/transmit power. Always works fine, DCS works fine if I monitor the used channels afterwards. In the past with NWA1100(N) this was much different.