2 factor authentication with google authenticator

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Description: Currently two factor authentication only support for SMS and Email. But without external server.
e.g. Google Authenticator.
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  • Andy
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    waiting badly for it. If the Feature comes (VERY) soon in a firmware Update we may be able keep our Zywall USG 210 and dont need to invest in a competitors firewall system :-)  I was already wondering why this Feature was not supported.
  • Plats
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    I would also like to see this feature come soon.
  • Line2
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    I support this too
  • Alfonso
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    Which 2FA authentication will be able? Google Authenticator? Yubico keys? ...
  • cwg
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    I support this too - badly needed!!! :#
  • cwg
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    PS - with Google Authenticator (it´s still for free!)
  • Line2
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    we can hope (as we have done already for 7months)
  • LOBO
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    Any changes for Google Authenticator with 2FA-VPN?
  • WMelonMan
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    Would be a lot less hassle than email! Please go for it. And include Microsoft Authenticator App (although I think it is already compatible with the Google one).

  • Any news here? I really would like to force MFA using authenticator (MS$ or Google) to access our firewall...