How to control POE of GS1920-24HP

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Is there a way to control POE state of individual ports? I used to have an HP switch where it was relatively easy to manage via console 'no' commands. 

Switch is GS1920-24HP and firmware is 4.50

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  • JonasTan
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    Hi @bozko,

    Welcome to the Zyxel Community!

    GS1920 series is a smart-managed switch, all settings must be modified on WebGUI.
    The commands for the console is for "show" status used only.

    To modify the PoE of the individual ports, please refer to the procedure below:

    1. Access GS1920 via WebGUI.
    2. Basic Settings > PoE Setup

    BTW, I've noticed that the device title doesn't match the description so I've edited GS1900 to GS1920-24HP.

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  • bozko
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    So, I realize that my question was not completely clear. 

    I want to control POE state of any port by some kind of script. Real life example:

    We have a schedule to power off all of our IP phones every working day at 6pm and to power on them on 7:30am. BUT when we have some deadlines approaching our working day stretches till e.g. 8pm. Now I have to manually  click on every port with IP phone connected and power on or I have to change schedule. When we used to have HP there was a simple solution to use telnet/ssh console and control POE state of every port by simple bash script. 

    Is there any solution for situations like this with GS1920?

    I found some clue here!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=015581&lang=EN

    but it is definitely not clear how to use this solution. 

  • JonasTan
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    Hi @bozko,

    Thanks for the clear explanation.

    To achieve the goal I suggest to create another profile. One is for normal working hours and the other one in overtime. In this way, you don't need to modify every PoE port. You just need to switch the profile.

    Please refer to the procedure below.

    1. Access GS1920 via web GUI.
    2. Create two profile with a different time range.
    Advanced Application > Time Range

    3. Here you could change the profile easily without clicking all the ports.
    Basic Setting > PoE Setup > PoE Setup

    Hope it helps.
  • As this is a business switch i would be disapointed if that was the only way to switch (poe) ports state. Are the no Telnet/SSH/SNMP/Restapi to do this?
  • JonasTan
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    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Zyxel GS1920-24HP smart-managed switch is an entry-level switch and purposely designed for web modification. The console Telnet/SSH is used to display status and traceroute only.

    For the L2-managed switch, I recommend GS2210 series to enjoy and possess full CLI command.

    Have a nice day.
  • Note for self: Check before buying for missing basic functions.
    Guess ill have to write my own wrapper