NWA1123ACv3 Country Code Mismatch

I just bought a NWA1123ACv3 AP so that i could test and deploy it for a costumer, unfortunately wifi throughput is very poor, averaging ~300Mbps on an 1Gbps uplink, specially aggravating since other existing AP's have no issue giving close to maximum speed in the same conditions.

I do not want to use Nebula and any setting i try to change on the standalone mode, will block the 2 radios due to a "Country Code Mismatch" forcing me to factory reset the AP.

There is no way to change this setting on the Web GUI ( no option given ) and trying to activate this setting following https://support.zyxel.eu/hc/en-us/articles/360007514240-Activate-and-change-the-country-code-for-the-NWA1123-AC does not work since the cli command given is not recognized by this AP version,

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    Hi @DanielSIlva


    To better understand your condition, could you please share the following information with us? 

    1. What is the current firmware version of your NWA1123ACv3?  
    2. Could you please share your network topology with us? 
    3. What setting have you changed before the log “Country mode mismatch” appears? Alternatively, could you please provide us your AP’s config file (startup-config.conf) and diagnostic file so that we may review them? 
    4. If the device complies with US laws, policies, and regulations, the country field may not be available to change. You can check the device's country code by using the following command through Putty or Tera Term via SSH. If the country code displays as "FF," it means that the device is based on the US standard, and the country code cannot be changed. 
      Router > show wlan country-code