Wax610D and NR 7102

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Hello community.

I am seeking your advice.

I live in Switzerland.

Purchase hardware Zyxel, 4 days ago.

Wax 610D (Wireless Lan)


NR 7102 (5G NR Outdoor Router).

NR 7102 recognizes the Sim card well and you get an internet connection.

Wired connection, NR 7102 to pc, it's OK.

Wax 610D works well with my indoor router/modem.

Wifi streaming ok when connected to a Netgear Orbi router

But impossible to make NR 7102 and Wax 610D work together.

We manage to connect to the SSID of the Wax 610D but without getting internet.

I was hoping for an easy plug and play installation.

This must be a problem of confusion at the IP Adress.

I did the firmware updates.

I was careful to connect the right elements, together.

And, to follow the installation procedures.

Nothing helps.

See attached file containing the information of NR 7102.

Quid ??!! Help, please .

Fine thanks


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    Hi Revebi,

    This is probably because you have your NR7102 in bridge mode (IP passthrough mode), and the WAX610D cannot handle any routing, and right now, the NR is giving all routing responsibility to the WAX610D. Please turn off the IP passthrough mode and it should work.


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  • revebi
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    Andreas, thanks a lot !

    As simple as that.

    Best regards