Connect PC (Client Software) to VM (with VLAN) with Ipsec VPN - ZyWALL USG100

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Good evening to everyone,

 I created a LAN on port 5 of the zyxel firewall, with 172.16.X.X network to which I connected
two VMs with VLAN = 10.

 I have made a VPN between the Zyxel USG100 firewall and a Zyxel IPSec VPN client, but unfortunately I can only ping the IP of the firewall port 5 (172.16.X.1) but I can not ping the two VMs (172.16.X. 100 and 172.16.X.101).

 Since I think the problem is related to the VM VLAN, can you tell me if there is a way to make the Client communicate with the two VMs?

 Thanks in advance

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    Hi @EAQSUP

    Does your VMs able communicate with USG100 successfully?

    How about put a switch (for tag and untagged packets) between USG and VMs, and disable VLAN tag on your VMs?

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