NWA5123-AC memory leak detected

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It seems like after enabling 802.11k/v in the NXC2500 AP Profile, all NWA5123-AC AP's report the following:

  • Priority: alert
  • Category: system
  • Note: Memcheck
  • Message: Memory leak detected

The message seems to be followed by an augmenting number.

All AP's are running FW 6.10(AAZY.10).

I can't find any information about this behavior, so I post it here.

As I expect a memory leak in the end results in a reboot (due to lack of memory), I'd like to see this fixed.

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  • Zyxel_Judy
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    Hi @Sinna ,

    We based on the models and steps that you mentioned to reproduce the issue, however there is no log related memory.

    By the way, note that from 2023-01-31, NWA5123-AC’s technical support and RMA service will no longer be supported by Zyxel. Recommend you refer to WAC500 as a replacement.

    For more information, please refer to this EOL link

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  • Sinna
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    @Zyxel_Judy: Thanks for getting back so quickly, really appreciated.

    I didn't realize the AP's are already EOL.

    The memory leak messages are not raised immediately after enabling 802.11k/v and it seems to be related to the number of clients that associate with the AP raising the alert.

    In the meanwhile I've disabled 802.11k/v to see if the situation stabilizes.