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So bought a XGS1210-12 10gb (inc 2.5gb) switch. Plugged it in to GTEK 10G SFP+ multimode transceivers and nothing. They say they support Zyxel (call out SFP 10G-SR on amazon). Any ideas? All other RJ45 ports work fine but SFP does not get recognised.

Also I am a Mac user (sorry have PC buy work so not admin). I cannot log into the dashboard to configure either. Any advise

Apologies in advance as I am a first time user of this brand

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  • Also can even download Download New ZON Utility. No Mac option, and Work PC blocking due to admin.

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    Hello @ajmitchelleus

    Welcome to the Zyxel Community! 

    It is possible that the GTEK 10G SFP+ transceivers may not be compatible with the XGS1210-12 switch. We recommend using Zyxel transceivers that are designed and tested for use with our switches to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. Please visit our EU Store that we have stock of SFP10G-SR.

    Additionally, you can access the switch's web GUI with a Mac by using a web browser to log in to the switch using its default IP address. The default IP address for the XGS1210-12 is, and the default username is admin and password 1234. If you are still unable to access web GUI, please let us know the specific errors you are encountering. 

    Please note that ZON is currently only available for Windows. 

    We hope this information is helpful to you. 

    Zyxel Nami

  • Thanks for your help. However your transceiver is EUR 185 per unit which is beyond expensive and I think it must be a joke? The switch if EUR 130 so more expensive than that? It would be 3x the price of any other transceiver for 10gb.

    the error on the GUI its that nothing happens - possible you need to chance settings etc, but as its advertised as plug and play it clearly isn't. Unfortunately I will have to return the unit, as the a non working GUI, and not compatible product is simple not usful

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    Dear @ajmitchelleus

    We understand that you are disappointed with the price of our transceiver. However, our transceivers are designed and tested to work optimally with our switches, ensuring reliable and high-performance network connectivity. While third-party transceivers may be cheaper, they can potentially lead to decreased network performance and reliability, such as packet loss and connectivity issues.

    Regarding the web GUI, you mentioned that the Switch priced at 130 EUR, it seems that the switch you purchased is the XGS1010-12, which is an unmanaged switch and does not have a web GUI.

    The XGS1210-12, which is a web-managed switch, does have a web GUI and is priced differently than the XGS1010-12. Please help us to check the sticker on the bottom panel to confirm its model correctly.

    If you have confirmed that your switch model is the XGS1210-12 and you are still unable to access its web GUI, please ensure that your end station is in the same subnet ( as the switch.

    We hope this information clarifies the situation, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Zyxel Nami