Zyxel helps Italian Resort Boost Network Performance and Put Connectivity and Security Issues to Bed

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Cala Moresca


“When questioned about the impact of the new network on the customer experience, the most desirable outcome is that we receive no complaints or negative reports, which means we have effectively resolved any connection issues.”

Dario de Vincentiis
CEO, Extratel srl


Although the Cala Moresca resort boasts outstanding facilities and views, its wireless connectivity has not met the same standards. The resort's location near the Capo Miseno lighthouse, which serves as a site for digital terrestrial and GSM antennas, has often caused signal interference. The resort also had to address the challenge of connecting mini apartments, hotel rooms, and restaurants over a significant distance. The resort's system integrator, Extratel, recommended Zyxel's solutions to effectively and easily resolve the issues. Zyxel’s NWA210AX WiFi 6 APs feature MU-MIMO, OFDMA, beamforming, and built-in 4G/5G interference filters that can reduce interference and ensure fast and reliable WiFi connectivity covering all common areas, rooms, and offices. Zyxel’s GS1350 series switches ensure smooth IP-based video surveillance integration with the networking system, with cameras installed for license plate detection and monitoring of common areas, warehouses, and refrigerated cells to ensure maximum security. Long-distance links were established using Zyxel’s multimode SFP transceivers, which ensured stable and high-speed connections throughout the network. Securing office and guest networks is also crucial. The USG FLEX 500 firewall features granular security policies and access authentication, improving protection across identities, devices, applications, and networks. The entire network is monitored and managed through Zyxel’s Nebula cloud platform, which allows for swift identification and resolution of malfunctions. Besides, LAN cable issues can be efficiently addressed through automatic diagnostics on the switches.


  • Address WiFi signal interference and ensure seamless connectivity
  • Replace outdated and unmanaged networking equipment and establish connections between apartments and the hotel, overcoming long distance barriers
  • Safeguard the office and guest networks for secure internet access


  • Reliable and fast WiFi connectivity with minimized interference
  • Efficient network management and smooth network systems integration
  • Strengthened networks provide secure wireless connectivity for guests and staff

Products used

USG FLEX 500 UTM Firewall

GS1350 Series Surveillance Switch

NWA210AX WiFi 6 Access Point

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