NR7101 No lan / wifi connection evan after factory reset

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Just open the box and turn on the NR7101. No present in lan at and no wifi Zyxel_CE19 SSID…

Tried to reset and also factory defaults but nio way…

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    Hi @tundria ,

    Have you set the hardware (PoE and SIM) up successfully?

    No present in lan at

    In case you can't access the router via, please check your laptop have the IP in the same subnet with router?

    no wifi Zyxel_CE19 SSID

    The SSID default as disable status. To enable SSID, please press WIFI button and hold more than 5 seconds.

    On the other hand, in case you can access to the router WEB GUI, you can enable SSID button.

    Note that: NR7101's 2.4G Wifi is for configuration only

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