USG with pre-packaged services subscription: How to register without activating services

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Very misleading registration process!!  I go to register device (not register service), put in MAC & SN, then asked to register & activate with no opportunity to only register.  The popup is very easy to misconstrue until too late.  I just had to return a new USG because of this, as I wanted to prep it well before delivery to customer so I could later activate services to give them full subscription.  For that matter, I should be able to register only, then activate 30 day demo without starting annual.
I come from many Zywall 110 sales where I was used to doing exactly the desired sequence.

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    Hi @PeterB

    Thank you for your suggestion. We realize this has been an inconvenience to you. Please let us set things right.

    We will take your advice sincerely, to make the registration message more clearly and enhance the registration process in the future, which can fulfill your requirement and also give your customer full subscription.


    Allow us to explain our current design and policy, it’s mainly to establish timely security measures against known zero-day attacks with accurate, preemptive threat prevention in real-time for our customers.

    Therefore, for USG series (Hardware device together with 30day +1 year UTM Service) default setting is to register and activate service at the same time, which will count trial 30days firstly, for zero-day protection;

    for ZyWALL series, focus on VPN firewall feature, UTM service is an extra add-on value, default setting is to register only for up-to-date service.

    I will discuss with you by private message.

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