Error during uploading configuration on zyxel usg 310

Dear all,

I am trying to upload configuration from one Zyxel usg 310 to another Zyxel usg 310.

I am receiving error 42012 - Can't convert config and error 39001 Operation is prohibited.

Can you help me…

Thanks in advance.

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  • StefanZ
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    It might fail because a config file contains unique stuff like cert names, serials, etc.

    What I would do:

    #1 Download the config you want to replicate

    #2 Reset the target unit (or leave as is if it is empty anyway), download that config as well

    #3 Open both in an IDE / editor and start copying parts over while also making sure you are editing non-unique stuff. I personally would do it step-by-step. Objects, Policy rules, VPN configs, log-settings – take your time and make sure the unit accepts the config.
    Also make sure any objects you reference exist. Or certificates.

    You can also FTP into the units and upload configs that way – the device will reboot on any config change, so take that into account!

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    You may ensure that firmware version on your USG310 is updated and newer than the previous one. This is important as certain commands may not be available in older versions.

  • when i put by ftp config file from old router.

    New router immediately delete that config file.

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