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Hello, I want to use one of my 5 public ip in a server, my  usg310 its already working whit one IP doing nat, firewall rules, virtual server, etc. , I down want 1:1 nat, I want to assing the public ip to the server. Was trying different bridge mode examples but I can´t do it work.
Attached a simple diagram of this network.


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  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @ewing

    If you would like to setup public IP address on your server, then you can setup bridge interface on ZyWALL.

    Go to Configuration > Network > Interface > bridge. Click “add” button to create bridge interface.

    e.g. Add Ge2 and ge8 into bridge interface member.

    After created bridge interface, then both of physical ports becoming as switch logically.

    Then Ge2 have to connect to Gateway, and your Server connect to Ge8 and with public IP address.

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    So, I need other lan port in my zyxel, I can't do it in the same lan port?
    I tried with my wan port and my lan port with different configurstion, in one result said the ip in the wan its already and putme, then I tried with another public ip in the fixed ip and I can't access to zyxel and no internet
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    Hi @ewing

    If you would like to setup bridge interface, you must add 2 interfaces as member.

    After interfaces are joined into bridge interface, both of interfaces IP address setting will be ignored and become a switch logically. 

    e.g. Ge2 and Ge8 are joined into bridge interface

    In your environment Ge2 port should connect to gateway, and Ge8 port connect to your server and with same subnet IP as your gateway.


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