What is Anti-Virus

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ZyXEL Anti-Virus security subscription is a gateway-level antivirus utility targeting known malware including viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and rogueware, ZyXEL Anti-Virus scans traffic on major protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, and POP3. Gateway-level antivirus protection is first-line essential security for business networks to guard against these threats.

 End-point Antivirus is insufficientWhen discussing antivirus, the common image that comes to mind is installing software on PCs. However, this approach falls far short of providing complete protection against malware on business networks. The main reasons for gateway antivirus include: 

  • End-point antivirus can be disabled or outdated
  • End users need to be protected from malware before it reaches the end point
  • Mobile devices and peripherals are usually not covered
  • Today, if end-point antivirus is the only protection a business network relies on, the network risks easy infection.

 Leading TechnologyZyXEL’s Gateway Anti-Virus incorporates leading technology, which has achieved first-in-class detection rates, consistently garnering awards from AV-Comparatives independent test labs and receiving Dennis Labs AAA protection certificate. ZyXEL's scan engine compares signatures and MD5 hashes to confirm if a potential threat is malware or an unusual virus. The ZyXEL Anti-Virus utilizes fast response and a light-weight approach to security, which enhances effectiveness while consuming limited computing power. This hybrid approach allows ZyXEL Anti-Virus provide thorough protection against “in-the-wild” malware that are currently wide-ranging on global networks. Always-on ServiceTo ensure customers’ networks are equipped with best and most current protection, ZyXEL continuously updates signatures and heuristics to detect and block malware. Through its subscription Anti-Virus, ZyXEL provides frequent checks and automatically updated signature service to security appliances and commercial gateways. Signatures collected more than 60 million voluntary participants and processes 6,000,000 requests per second, and makes it possible to achieve the fastest reaction times, lowest false positive rates, and highest level of protection. ZyXEL security products provide a web interface for easy management. This dashboard shows the top-five virus threats that users should know and tracks their status and infection rates across the Internet. The monitor also provides UTM statistics to inform users of overall security conditions. ZyXEL integrates OneSecurity.com website information directly into a GUI banner, giving users access to valuable security information such as how-to videos, trouble shooting, and other tools. ZyXEL also provides real-time assistance for all security products and services. Best-in-Breed PerformanceThe integration of ZyXEL USG  enables stream-based antimalware scanning, as well as provides support for various protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4. Additional support for SSL (HTTPS) encryption inspection is also provided. This integration allows for the thorough scanning of archives and packed objects including ZIP, PKZIP e, GZIP and RAR without any file-size limitations. Our technology decompresses application-layer traffic to stop the most dangerous threats, even if they are intricately packed. This enables wire-speed malware traffic scanning and guarantees maximum performance regardless of object size and traffic volume. Scanning is accelerated by a hardware pattern matching engine to defend against the most dangerous malware and virus outbreaks. We offer the most effective security technology for all types of gateways and UTMs. ZyXEL Gateway Anti-Virus is one of the subscription services available for our USG and ZyWALL series, providing unified security and simplified management. Stream-based scanning on ZyXEL multi-core hardware platforms greatly reduces latency and memory problems caused by traditional file-based scanning. ZyXEL hardware accelerated Anti-Virus reaches triple-scanning performance compared with competing solutions.