What is Anti Spam?

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E-mail is an indispensible form of communication that has made its way into every aspect of our modern lives. However, statistics show that more than 70 percent of all e-mail is spam, and more than 90 percent of spam carries some form of malware. To defend against spam, malware, and phishing attacks, it is essential to deploy effective anti-spam technology. With that in mind, ZyXEL has created a cloud-based (SaaS) pre-perimeter defense system to protect your e-mail from malware.

Different from the traditional mail server, the UTM Anti-Spam server can filter out malware and spam to provide the most thorough protection for any end point under an internal network. ZyXEL Anti-Spam service reduces unsolicited e-mail and increases business productivity by allowing you to block spam on the network edge, thereby unburdening your e-mail servers. 


  • Zero false positives: Global detection from a patented content and language agnostic solution Far-reaching coverage: Identify spam regardless of language, format, or content of the message
  • High-quality protection: Global Cloud gathers billions of Internet transactions daily while protecting over 550 million users.
  • Reduced service cost: A proven high-performance, low-maintenance solution

A Multi-Layered Scan Engine to Spam Detection

ZyXEL Anti-Spam utilizes several techniques to filter E-mail, detecting on both SMTP and POP3 servers through local rules and a real-time cloud database. Our server will not miss any spam mail filtered through our multi-layered scan engine. ZyXEL Anti-Spam repeatedly screens and checks to ensure faultless protection. Here is how it works:

  • Step 1 - White list: ZyXEL Anti-Spam service provides flexible control rules when the network environment needs to manage specific sources. Administrators only need to preset the permitted sources on the device, and the white list function will allow those sources in accordance with the rules.
  • Step 2 - Black list: As with the white list, ZyXEL Anti-Spam service provides the flexible control rules for the network environment to block specific sources. The administrator can preset the malicious source, and the black list function will block those sources.
  • Step 3 - IP Reputation: ZyXEL Anti-Spam service uses a global IP database that gathers and tracks IP reputation. By referencing a range of IP properties collected from various sources, the service makes real-time IP comparisons. ZyXEL Anti-Spam service can detect a wide range of spam of both common and lesser-known origin, providing a highly effective IP address source filter.
  • Step 4 - Check Mail Content: ZyXEL Anti-Spam utilizes advanced content filtering, as well as full quarantine of mail header and content, with up to 70% effectiveness against spam. Cloud database detection and global language support offer comprehensive protection.
  • Step 5 - Check Virus Outbreak: The Virus Outbreak scan function is cloud-based web security technology that uses a combination of deep content analysis, structural content investigation, and virtualized script emulation to scan requested web pages for a wide variety of malware. The scan protects against early-hour vulnerability during massive virus outbreaks.
  • Step 6 - Check DNSBL: DNSBL Information provides spam-blocking list services so you can check the blacklist status of your mail server's IP address on DNS-based blacklists. ZyXEL Anti-Spam provides up to five DNSBL services that allow administrators to block messages from specific systems that have a history of sending spam.

Effective Zombie Defense

A zombie network is a compromised computer system that can be remotely controlled by a hacker. The Zombie system is often used to send out spam, phishing attacks, and virus-laden emails. If your network has been compromised in this manner and it goes undetected, it is very possible that your organization’s IP address - the one used by the Zombie to send spam - could be blacklisted. Potentially, harmless e-mail from your organization’s IP address would be blocked as your IP address is on one or more blacklists.

ZyXEL Anti-Spam service protects your email server’s IP reputation by detecting and stopping zombie-generated outbound spam, phishing, and virus e-mail. The global view database and cloud-based detection also provide the real-time security to defend against zombie attacks.

Flexible Administrator Control

ZyXEL Anti-Spam service not only detects and filters out spam and malware-carrying messages. Our Smart Report function will tag e-mail messages to warn end-users that the mail may be spam or malware in case an important message that was inadvertently infected. Network administrators can also set custom rules for filtering e-mail and decide how messages will be processed.