How to register and unregister USG FLEX series on Nebula Control Center (NCC)?

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The USG FLEX series are Zyxel’s powerful firewall products that have the precise protection, delivering high level of performance and security for SMB business networks. With the recent integration of USG FLEX firewall series into the NCC, Nebula cloud-managed platform is now further enhanced with zero-trust security network to Nebula users.

In this article we will discuss how to register a USG FLEX on the cloud with detailed instructions.

Starting from the NCC

To register a device, we can use the wizard when creating a new organization (refer to Figure 1-3) or you can add the device in the existing site on Site-wide> Add devices as shown in Figure 1-1. then run the installation process on USG Flex> Security gateway, as shown in Figure 1-2.

Figure 1-1: Site-wide> Add devices


Figure 1-2: Click Waiting ZTP then refer to Figure 6 


Figure 1-3: In organization drop-down list, you can find the Create organization to start the wizard


Figure 2: Start the wizard and click Let’s Start


Figure 3: Create the organization and site


Figure 4: Add device


 Figure 5: WAN interface and VLAN ID


There are 2 options, one is “install USG Flex by myself” which means the system will send the installation mail to the current account, the other option is that you can specify the email address.


Figure 6: Select which option you prefer the installation email to be sent

Installation mail

Once receiving the installation mail, you can prepare the scenario, as in Figure 7. Connect your laptop to the device Port 4 and WAN connection plugin to the Port 2, and please make sure the Internet is accessible.

After that, you can find the hyper link in the email, “click here or copy the link to your browser”, click it to start the ZTP process.


Figure 7: installation scenario


 Figure 8: ZTP process

Please be aware that before the device going on cloud, you will need to “Reset” it to the factory default state; if not, you will see the message, as shown in Figure 9 and you can see the system LED become blinking green from blinking amber.


Figure 9: Reset to the factory default

Figure 10: Device go online


The other option is you can use the USB drive to run the ZTP process. There is a configuration file attached in the installation mail.  First, please make sure your USB is running on FAT32 and then copy the attached file in the USB root folder.

The same condition, mentioned in the above steps will apply. Make sure you have reset the device before plugging the USB drive to the USG FLEX first, then the registration process will run automatically. If you have used the console/SSH to the device, you can find the “ZTP json file in pen-drive” message, as shown in Figure 11.


Figure 11: Running the ZTP process to register the device


How to set USG Flex back to standalone mode.

Just simply navigate to Nebula cloud center and find the device in path Organization-wide> Inventory.

As like Figure 12, check the checkbox then click “Unregistered” button it will pop-up the confirmation page click OK to continue.

USG Flex will immediately reset to factory default and reboot once the unregistered, you will see the SYS LED start blinking, after it become steady green then it has turn to the standalone mode.


Figure 12: Unregistered the device


Figure 13: Confirmation page



When you see the device popup the "ZTP process succeeded" message on your browser. The device is registered on NCC successfully.