Taiwanese Smart Lock Company Finds the Key to Smart Building Networks

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With its new factory and office featuring IoT devices from access control to coffee machines, WAFERLOCK needed a network that could unlock high speeds, WiFi coverage, secure connections, and easy management. As a smart lock maker, WAFERLOCK was no stranger to cloud technology, and knew Nebula would be a perfect fit. Nebula allows network issues to be identified and resolved in real time via the cloud. Nebula’s support for Chinese-language GUIs and remote monitoring also met smart building certification requirements. The XS3800-28 served as the core switch, connecting to XGS1930 Series Lite-L3 Smart Managed Switches to deliver 10G connectivity. XGS1930-28HP and XGS1930-52HP PoE Switches powered the wireless network and VoIP phones, detecting and delivering the required power for each device. External and internal networks were protected with the UTM firewall, which creates secure VPN connections with all branches and mobile users. Given the high-density environment, WAC6303D-S APs were installed, with their smart antennas and RF-first design ensuring total WiFi coverage. Nebula enabled WAFERLOCK's admin to obtain real-time network status for remote troubleshooting, reducing the time and manpower needed for routine maintenance.
Additionally, users can submit request tickets directly through Nebula, including via Web Chat, and receive responses from dedicated personnel.


  • Build new network infrastructure to deliver 10GbE connectivity and site-wide WiFi
  • Provide stable and secure wireless connections for IoT devices and applications
  • Simplify network management and minimize downtime and network issues


  • Low-latency and high-speed connectivity ensures efficient network performance
  • Seamless wireless coverage ensures smooth connectivity for network devices and IoT applications in multiple locations, including HQ, office, and warehouse
  • Enhanced network security from the UTM firewall and secure VPN connections across domestic and overseas locations
  • Nebula’s simplified network management reduces the workload and saves time

Products used

USG1900 UTM Firewall

XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch

XGS1930 Series Lite-L3 Smart Managed Switch

WAC6303D-S 802.11ac Access Point

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