zywall 1100 ge6 Lan interface to 1 external ip (NAT)

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Hi. Its first time i writing in her.. sorry if i do anything wrong and for my bad english.

I have a Zywall 1100 firewall.
1 incoming interace with more than 5 block ip
4 lan interface (ge3, ge4, ge5 and ge6)

Which I want to do making a Nat (cant fint many to 1 anymore) from ge1 (ip let say to all lan ips behind the the interface 6. 

How can i do that.. i have tried with virtuel server and many 1 : 1 nat. didnt work i allways go out with the roueters wan ip not that one as i want to use.

I will be realy happy if one of you guys can tell me how to do.


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    if I understand it, you want to go to WAN with certain IP addresses using the virtual IP address you have set on a particular interface.

    You need to make the Rule of Routing where you choose the source (interface) or the source address from which you want to "go out" under a particular IP address.

    In Next-Hop you choose Trunk (you will probably be set to SYSTEM_DEFAULT_WAN_TRUNK)

    Next, the Source Network Address Translation option is important to you (create a new form address here and enter the public IP address below). By writing a routing rule, you can go to the Internet under a specific IP address. Thanks to this routing rule, you can choose any IP address for each service (mail, web, ...).

  • NaciBerkTeke
    thanks. i will try it and write you back.. but its is look like it will work. not with the way i want to do but same result :)
    Thanks again for your time and sharing your knowledge.

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